Ankara-Niğde Highway Etude Project Engineering Services
Erg Motorway Investment and Management Inc.
General Directorate of Highways 4th Regional Directorate

With in the scope of the project, a total of 330 kilometers alignment, including 275 kilometers of highway main route and 55 kilometers of connection roads; surveying, horizontal and vertical alignment design, creation of 1/5000, 1/1000 scaled plan-profiles, drainage project, hydraulic and hydrologic calculations ,soil investigation studies engineering services, viaducts, bridges, underpasses, overpasses, box culverts, and retaining wall projects, infrastructure displacement projects, landscaping projects, lighting projects, junction projects, link road projects ,structural design projects, fence projects, traffic safety projects, infrastructure projects and displacement-as built project services have been performed. Route Ankara, Kırşehir, Aksaray and Nevşehir provinces within the borders of the 2x3- lane Ankara-Niğde highway route, the traffic-open Ankara Perimeter Highway south of the District of Gölbaşı west of the Pilgrim Village begins. Following the west of the current State Road, the route crosses to the East, intersecting the State Road at Ahiboz Junction. It extends southwards from the region bounded by Salt Lake in the West and Hirfanlı Dam Lakes in the East. Aksaray-Kırşehir State Road (0757) Steppe Junction, Aksaray-Nevşehir State Road (0300) Alayhan Junction connection to the continuing route, the current Gölcük-2 Bridge Junction completed construction and opened to traffic Gölcük-Pozantı highway ends. Sections of the highway between Ankara and Niğde

  • Between Ankara-Acıkuyu Intersections (Section-1).
  • Between Acıkuyu Intersection -Alayhan Intersection (Section-2).
  • Between Alayhan Intersection-Gölcük lntersection(Section-3),it is planned as.
Summary of major structures with in the scope of the project:
  Piece Total Length (m)
Viaducts 5 3567.00
Bridges 50 2407.00
Overpasses 74 4310.00
TOTAL 129 10284.00
List of junctions along the route:
Ankara Peripheral Motorway Junction Beginning of the Project
Hacılar Junction 2-139.671
Gölbaşı Junction 3+860.000
Main Control Center Junction 11+780.000
Haymana Junction 13+098.000
Karagedik Junction 19+619.000
Ahiboz Junction 30+249.000
Emirler Junction 51+880.000
Kulu Junction 73+805.000
Acıkuyu Junction 105+226.000
Evren-Sarıyahşi Junction 143+577.000
Agaçören Junction 159+673.000
Bozkır Junction 182+586.000
Alayhan Junction 218+250.000
Derinkuyu Junction 246+407.000
Çiftilik Junction 257+271.000
List of highway maintenance centers located on the route:
Gökçekhöyük Maintenance Center 12+600.000
Ahiboz Maintenance and Operation Center 30+600.000
Kulu Stock and Salt Warehouse 74+500.000
Acıkuyu Maintenance Center 105+600.000
Agaçören Maintenance and Operation Center 160+400.000
Alayhan Maintenance and Operation Center 218+200.000
Niğde Stock and SaltWarehouse 273+ 150.000
List of highway service facilities located on the route:
Gökçekhöyük Service Facility 10+544.000
Emirler Service Facility 46+870.000
Sofular Service Facility 69+436.000
Tuz Lake Service Facility 94+900.000
Hirfanlı Service Facility 124+996.000
Boğazköy Service Facility 151+815.000
Bozkır Service Facility 179+005.000
Alayhan Service Facility 214+000.000
Gülpınar Service Facility 229+ 717.000
Bağlama Parking Area 260+390.000
List of viaducts on the route:
Viaduct Name Starting Km Ending Km length (m)
Gölovası 16+885.000 17+574.200 662.20
Derekışla 59+815.000 60+316.700 501.70
Sofular 71+214.200 11+885.200 671.30
Bozkır 179+620.000 180+679.100 759.80
Kızılırmak 16+430.000 17+402.000 972.00
  Total length(m) 3657.20
List of underpasses on the route:
Dimensions Piece
4x4 Agricultural Underpass 3
5x5 Agricultural Underpass 44
7x5 Underpass 45
9x5 Underpass 6
9x5.5 Underpass 2
12x5.5 Underpass 18
12x6.5 Underpass 2
15x6 Underpass 1
Total 121
List of hydraulic culverts on the route:
Hydraulic Culverts
Dimensions Piece
Ø 1000 Pipe Culvert 1
Ø 1400 Pipe Culvert 47
Ø 2000 Pipe Culvert 1
1.0x1.5 Box Culvert 2
1.5x1.5 Box Culvert 2
1.5x2.0 Box Culvert 83
2.0x2.0 Box Culvert 329
2.5x2.0 Box Culvert 1
2.5x2.5 Box Culvert 78
3.0x2.5 Box Oulvert 7
3.0x3.0 Box Culvert 76
4.0x3.0 BorxCulvert 8
4.0x4.0 Box Culvert 51
5.0x3.0 Box Culvert 2
5.0x4.0 Box Culvert 4
5.0x5.0 Box Culvert 7
9.0x5.0 Box Culvert 1
Total 700

Sinop-Ayancık-15.BI.Hd. Etude Project Engineering Service
General Directorate of Highways
General Directorate of Highways 7th Regional Directorate

With in the scope of the project, approximately 48 kilometers of divided road route mapping, soil research engineering services, EIA, Engineering Services, study, corridor, horizontal and vertical alignment design, preparation of hydraulic and hydrologic study report, number of 22 levelled and non levelled interchange design, preliminary and final design of 1 bridge and 3 Tunnels, preparation of BOQ and final projects, drainage project, for the preparation of traffic safety projects services have been performed.